HML Hawksworth Responsibilities

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Security Notices


The entry Security office holds keys to many of the apartments in Ice Wharf. Owners /Residents authorise Security to give out these keys to visitors, agents and contractors on an ad hoc basis. Security also use these keys to attend any emergencies.


The Ice Wharf Directors in conjunction with the Serjeant, who are responsible for onsite security, have reviewed this key holding service, with a view to making it more secure. In order to complete this work and to ensure that we all continue to benefit from the various additional duties our Security team provide for us, we need your full cooperation with the following 3 actions:


1.   To establish a database of Owners/Residents and their contact details. This database will be separate to details held by the managing agents HML Group. Security will then use this database to contact Owners/Residents as and when required. This database has been partially completed, but to be sure we have all the required details, please complete the attached form.  If and when a resident/tenant changes, Owners should update Security accordingly.

(Please find enclosed a Privacy Notice to clarify how this information will be used)

2.   Many Owners and Residents have already given keys to the Security office to facilitate entry to apartments.  We understand this facility has been incredibly useful, however we need to put in place a formal permission for releasing keys. The Directors have instructed the Security team not to hand out keys unless given written permission (email or note) by the relevant Owner/Resident, as detailed in the above database.  A phone call will not suffice as it cannot be verified or recorded by Security. Your permission to hold keys can also be given using the attached form.  Any Owners /Residents who have not already given keys to security are welcome to do so.

3.   Currently couriers leave parcels delivered t0 Owners/Residents at the Security office, this is another very useful service provided to many of Owners/Residents. The Security team sign for these deliveries, but it must be made clear that they cannot accept any liability. The Directors ask that it you wish the Security team to continue accepting deliveries on your behalf that you give your acceptance that any risk remains yours, again using the attached form.


Please ensure you complete the required form when moving in/changing tenants and let have HML have the completed and singed form.



Bicycle Parking & Registration Scheme


There is in the lease no right to park bicycles in the garage. 


All bikes parked in an Ice Wharf bike parking space must be registered. This ensures we can control the number of bikes and avoid having non residents store their bikes at Ice Wharf, as has happened in the past.


There is a contribution of £1 per week (£52 per annum) payable in advance for your own numbered push bike parking space. This covers the administration of the tag scheme as well as a contribution to the car park service charges.  Refunds will be given if you cancel your registration at any point during the year (one month’s notice required). Registered bikes are issued with a metal tag to be attached to the bike. The colour of the tag will change on a yearly basis, allowing us to monitor who has registered their bike and paid and for which year. 


The scheme became operational on 1 July 2011. Please contact the Residents’ Association for a bike parking license by email or through the mailbox in the 300 building with details of your name, flat and the number of bikes. 


Owners of parking spaces who choose to park their bicycles in their own parking space will be exempt from the registration and fees. Unregistered bikes on the estate not parked in own parking spaces will be removed.


You will be contacted to let you know that space has been allocated to you. You will then be asked to make payment within a specified time and once payment has been received you will be provided with your registration tag to display on your bicycle.


Stone throwing from the Canal

In the past several residents were affected by stone throwing from youths at Tiber Gardens, across the canal.  This has not happened in the past few years, particularly since security cameras overlooking the canals were installed at King’s Place.

Should this happen again, please report the incidence to the police, as soon as it happens. If possible, residents should take evidence by taking pictures.

Also please report this to Kings Place Security on tel. 020 7278 5863. Kings Place have also been affected by stone throwing and have powerful security cameras they can use to capture the incidents. 



Unwanted Noise from Kings Place

Whenever you experience any noise or antisocial behaviour please call the out of hours response line on 020 7527 7272 and follow the guidance for options or e mail using the following link:

Officers are available to attend and witness the problem if you call in during the following times:

Sunday to Thursday nights from 4pm to 2am                                                               

Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm to 4am.


Please call the above number in the event of any intrusive noise to your home. Please note that to help us be effective at resolving on-going noise problems it is usually necessary for officers to visit you briefly in your home to make an assessment of the level of intrusion you are experiencing. An external assessment is generally not useful in establishing a noise nuisance.

There is also a daytime weekend service available via the following link: 07:00 – 16:00 Saturday and Sunday for noise calls.


Please call as soon as the noise becomes apparent to you. In addition please ask for the officers to visit you at home to witness the noise from your perspective. I have to inform you that if you decline a visit your call will be treated as low priority as officer will always go to residents that want a visit first.

The reason for this advice is they operate on a strictly "first come - first served" basis so there may be a delay before they can get back to you. In order to progress matters, should the noise recur after any visits or on other nights, please call the response line again, this will help us to establish that the noise you are reporting is a recurring issue which strengthens the position.


For daytime enquiries regarding noise please call the ASB Hotline on 020 7527 7272 and follow the guidance for options.


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