The Ice Wharf Residents Association offers Ice Wharf Flat owners the opportunity to publish details of flats for sale or rent. Please email details to administrator@icewharf.org if you wish for your flat details to be published here, including pictures (in digital format).


Please note that there is a 25 administration charge for this service which will be put towards the maintenance costs of the website. You will be given an opportunity to approve the details of your flat before it is published. There will be a subsequent 10 administration charge to update any details.



The directors have asked HML to bring to the attention of all leaseholders that a rental of less than 6 months is not permitted under clause 5 (d) of the lease (Page 14) without the prior written consent of the Landlord.   


The Policy of the Board is to maintain Ice Wharf as an exclusive residential complex and to maintain and increase the associated property values.  It is the view of the Board that short term lets or holiday lets would be in opposition to this policy and permission to let for less than 6 months would be granted only in limited circumstances.


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